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Why do some resolutions work and some don't? It doesn't matter when they're made - the ones that stick are the ones that produce noticeable results.

Angela Iermieri, a financial planner with Desjardins Group, takes a look at some persistent myths about RRSPs and TFSAs.

As a business owner, you're often buried under a mound of work, yet you love what you do and simply don't want to think about retirement now. After all, it would mean letting go of your company, your baby, right?

Responsible investment is known as a vehicle for change. At Desjardins, behind that change, are the portfolio managers who develop strategies to incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria into our Desjardins SocieTerra Funds.

Canada is home to nearly 86,000 charities.1 With so many options, how do you choose the right one to donate to?

Managing your personal finances is like a board game, where you have to understand the ground rules (not always easy, let's face it) to move ahead - and win! To get you motivated, here are four very inspiring young people who've learned a thing or two about personal finance. In their own words, they explain how importa ...

We all need to save for retirement and it's totally doable, but magical thinking won't get us there. It requires action, but first we need to take a look at some of our habits. Where do we start?

Entrepreneurship was a natural evolution for Valérie Fontaine. "I had plenty of clients and income, but I wasn't feeling challenged. It can be scary to start a business, but I felt it would be more fulfilling to start my own practice."