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The COVID 19 pandemic has given rise to gestures of solidarity across the business community. In these uncertain times, Bugatti Group is doing their part by generously supporting food banks.

How do you weather volatile commodity prices? By managing your risk and protecting your profit margins with futures and hedging. These tools have never been more popular!

71% of phishing attacks use the name and colours of a financial institution to obtain personal information.

Almost all of our daily routines have changed dramatically in the last few months. But one thing is still true: moving around can help us feel better.

The markets are turbulent right now, and you're probably worried about your investments. Let us help you get some perspective.

Now more than ever, supporting our senior members is in our top priorities. In this video, Angela Iermieri, financial planner, will go over the tools and services that Desjardins has put in place to meet your needs.

This pandemic has created a lot of uncertainty and stress for many employees. That's especially true for those who find themselves laid off and then rehired in a short period of time. How to rebuild trust?

Since the start of the pandemic, governments and organizations like Desjardins have established support measures and been offering financial relief to millions of people. But if you're not sure what's available and where to start, here's a list of steps to give you a clearer picture. Follow our guide.