Increasing efficiency with payment solutions

For business owner Johnny Daou, any minutes he saves in a day are similar to the gifts we're offered by Mother Nature--they must be savoured and used wisely!

Daou arrived from Lebanon 29 years ago and was floored by Quebec's abundant fruits, vegetables and produce. Inspired by his background--where these foods were rare or restricted--and astutely aware of the growing consumer appreciation for healthier foods, he founded Aliments Merci - External link. This link will open in a new window. (in French only), a chain of natural grocery stores. Their slogan, "Merci, Mère Nature" is a little nod of thanks to the generous gifts that Mother Nature provides.

With his business expanding to 6 locations in Montreal (one under a different name), he can't afford to skimp when it comes to efficiency. His payment solution is one of the tools he relies on.

Here are 5 benefits that Johnny Daou especially appreciates:

1. It's fast

Just a few years ago, 70% of his customers paid cash, and the rest paid debit. Today, the trend has reversed, so it's increasingly important that transactions go faster and equipment is easy to use.

"When I started, I did everything myself. That means I know what I'm talking about when I say that if you can make payments easier, you need to go for it.  With every transaction, we're saving time for our customers, our employees and our business," says Daou.

2. It's reliable

Accounting is optimized when it's done automatically, which makes it easier to manage your business.  You can breathe a little easier when your accounts balance, and your bank statement and transaction receipts match.

Accurate data and transactions make everyone happy and inspire confidence in your payment system.

3. It gives easy access

Being able to quickly access your cash is highly practical when you're running a business. The amounts paid to the online stores go directly into the business account, instead of hanging out in the website administrator's account first.

4. It's stable

As a merchant, you need to be able to count on a payment system that is stable from day to day.  Breakdowns and outages will cause you to lose sales, and the time you waste managing that mess can't be used for your usual operations and business development.  "Fortunately, we can rest easy," Daou says, "We're glitch-free and making plenty of sales.

5. It helps with customer service

The Aliments Merci team is dedicated to serving its customers well. To do so, they absolutely need high-quality support and guidance from their payment solution provider, since that's what helps them do the same for their customers.