Pro tips for successful mobile sales

The fall is peak season for trade shows, fairs, exhibitions, and other on-the-go sales events. Enjoy the windfall with some quick tips from a pro.

Marc Tremblay blends art and technology to create unique paintings using virtual paintbrushes instead of physical one. He exhibits his work in several art galleries a few times a year.

Marc leaves nothing to chance. He makes sure everything's in place to move his art, and to make his art move admirers.

Before every event, he uses a checklist:


Sufficient amount of work to make the display appealing: In Marc's case, his well-wrapped canvases are labelled with the painting's name.


Always fully charged and with unlimited data (WiFi may not always be available).

Business cards

Lots of them! You can't talk to all your customers at once.

Mobile payment

It's safe and secure; no need for cheques (which have been a nuisance in the past). It's fast, easy and on the spot - and avoids the risk of customers leaving to get cash and never coming back. "I like the convenience. Even my customers are pleased at how easy it is for them to make a purchase," he remarks.


Lots of water and snacks so he's always in tip-top shape to welcome customers.

5 key sales tips

Marc Tremblay shares some key lessons he has learned over years of exhibiting:

  1. Know when it's time to tweak your checklist and stick to it to avoid the stress of the unexpected. 
  2. Keep energy levels high throughout the event by having a good meal first.
  3. Make things easy for yourself and your customers by opting for convenient e-payments.
  4. Keep paper and pencil handy to jot down customer information. "Even if 'there's an app for it,' you can't waste any time: 2 minutes is too many - just write down the customer's name and contact number, it takes about half a minute!"
  5. Make sure your website name is easy to remember. It took Marc 20 tries before he got one that felt right - and of course, use visuals that reflect your style without being too overpowering.

What's next?

"I have shows lined up in New York and Europe in 2018. People have told me my style is very 'New York'. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, so this ship is ready to sail! I'm leaving my comfort zone, even though it's happening faster than I expected. We'll see what the future holds," he says. That's also his advice to budding artists who are launching their own careers.