Are you a grasshopper or an ant when it comes to money?

Do you count your pennies or are you a spendthrift? Here are 10 questions to help you to determine your profile. Based on your answers, we will provide you with free, customized advice to help you make the most of your life and finances.

Question 1 

At the supermarket 

As I wander the aisles doing my grocery shopping, I: 

A - Act like I'm on a game show where the host says, "Fill your cart as full as possible with whatever you want!" 

B - Spend two hours comparing the prices for every item as if I am trying to prove to researchers that it's possible to feed a family of 10 on $4 a day. 

Question 2 

Drinks with Mary 

At 4 p.m., I get a text from Mary, who sends me three emojis: a taxi, a glass of wine and a thumbs-up. Without missing a beat, I: 

A - Get up from my desk and announce to my co-workers, "Oh, no! I have to go. I'm running really late for my dentist appointment." 

B - Answer Mary with three emojis: a person working in front of a screen, a glass of water and a neutral face. 

Question 3 

It's on sale 

I go online to search for Gordon Ramsey's slow cooker hamburger recipe. However, a few seconds later, I find myself at an online store, eyeing a gorgeous pair of shoes. They normally sell for $500, but they're on sale for $250. I then: 

A - Click the "Order" button, enter my credit card number and, with a smile, say to myself, "Wow! I just saved $250!" 

B - See the ghost of Suze Orman, asking me, "Do you really need those?" Then David Copperfield appears and teleports me to Gordon Ramsey's website. 

Question 4 

Living frugally 

I'm in love with a retro-futuristic couch. I therefore: 

A - See it, want it and buy it. 

B - Finally decide to buy it. In 2031. On Kijiji. From another province. 375 kilometres away. So I can save $3. 

Question 5 

The importance of saving 

To me, saving means: 

A - Saving myself the pain of following your advice. 

B - An automatic, regular, rational, thought-out and responsible practice that would make my grandmother very proud. 

Question 6 

Commitment and discipline 

To me, strong financial discipline is: 

A - A life goal. For my next life. 

B - Repaying more than the balance I owe, while secretly hoping for a marriage proposal from my financial institution. 

Question 7 

Financial security 

To me, a financial cushion is: 

A - Made of memory foam, and it's much too soft. 

B - Never big enough. Not having a $12-million financial cushion stresses me out. 

Question 8 

Managing credit 

I order a soy milk smoothie. I pay for it with my credit card because: 

A - It enables me to have a treat now and pay for it later. I'm a little short on cash right now. 

B - I pay my full balance every month, and using my card allows me to accumulate rewards. 

Question 9 

Seizing the moment or improvising 

I'm faced with an important financial decision. I don't panic and instead: 

A - Take out my ukulele and make up a short tune that is both lively and nostalgic while waiting for the moment to pass. 

B - Take out my phone and hit the "Emergency call" button. Frank, my Desjardins advisor, answers. 

Question 10 

Continuing education 

I'm very interested in learning more about managing my personal finances because: 

A - My Aunt Joan talks to me about it every Christmas at the punch bowl. 

B - I know that all of my thoughts and actions, whether small or large, in my dreams or in reality, should always take my finances into account. 

Add up the number of A answers and B answers and read our customized advice: