Digital technology is changing the way we consume

Technology plays a big role in our lives, so much so that we often take innovations for granted. We wonder how we could have ever lived without them!

Can you remember the last time you unfolded a paper map before hitting the road for your summer holidays? What were old habits until (relatively) recently are gradually being replaced by new digital tools. We no longer line up in the rain to buy concert tickets; we sit in front of our computer screens instead.

Paper newspapers are steadily being replaced by mobile versions. We no longer have to fight the crowds at Boxing Day sales because the same discounts are available online. We control the heating in our homes remotely and do our grocery shopping on our smartphones. What a time to be alive!

Online financial services on the rise

Banking is no exception. Ubiquitous and increasingly powerful digital solutions and mobile applications are being put in the hands of users, who find them very useful.

According to the 2018 NETendances study, 80% of adults in Quebec used online banking in 2018, up 15% over three years.1

The same survey shows that 47% of users prefer online banking for day-to-day transactions and one in four adults (24%) usually reach for a mobile app. At Desjardins over 90% of transactions are carried out online or via our applications.

Going digital in everyday life

Digitization is an integral part of business development at Desjardins. A multidisciplinary team has partnered with HEC Montréal's Tech3Lab to rethink digital solutions and develop new applications. They work with users to refine and simplify new digital solutions.

Their work spawned the online mortgage renewal option. Members of select caisses can now renew their mortgages via the Desjardins web portal. This highly convenient and flexible new feature will eventually be extended across the network.

Check out  - This link will open in a new window.the new features on Desjardins's mobile app.

More to come in 2019

The most recent CEFIRO data shows a significant increase in consumer interest in voice assistant and smart home technologies as a result of the success of devices like Google Home, Apple HomePod and Amazon Echo, which are already in 7% of Quebec households. The same study shows that 15% of adults in Quebec say they intend to buy at least one connected device in the next 12 months. Great news, Desjardins members and clients who use a mobile device or Google Home Smart Speaker powered by the Google Assistant  - This link will open in a new window.can now keep on top of their finances with a simple voice command.

"OK Google, what's my balance?"

1. Study carried out by Centre facilitant la recherche et l'innovation dans les organisations (CEFRIO).