5 smart luggage tips

You might travel light, but the electronics, specialty clothing or jewellery you pack are often worth their weight in gold. What if something happened to your luggage? If it got lost or stolen, would you be able to determine how much the contents are worth?

With all the travel planning and preparations, most people forget to determine the value of their stuff. But doing an accurate assessment makes it easier to buy adequate baggage insurance that covers the actual value of your property.

We have some tips to help you estimate the value of your personal property and, of course, keep it from getting lost or stolen. But if that does happen, you'll have all the necessary information for your insurer, which will make it easier to get your stuff replaced as soon as possible.

1. Make a list

Include everything that goes in your suitcase, from the most basic to the most valuable. Keep your list in a safe place and give a copy to a friend.

2. Take photos

Don't keep your photos on your phone, in case it disappears, too. Take a photo of your I.D.

3. Estimate what it would cost to replace your stuff

Cosmetics, jewellery and electronics alone quickly increase the value of your luggage. Personal items with a sentimental value and I.D. are definitely the most valuable.

4. Protect your luggage

You should always keep it close to you. Do you have a lock on your suitcase? It helps, but doesn't protect against theft. At best, it prevents unauthorized personnel from opening your bags during handling. The best way to keep your luggage from being stolen is to keep your eye on it.

Never leave your luggage unattended, even for a few minutes. Don't even turn your back.

In any case, luggage left unattended will very likely by confiscated by the authorities. Even though you can get it back, you really don't want to go through that during your vacation!

5. Lock up your documents

Once you get to the hotel, put your passport, travel documents and any valuables in the room safe.

Happy travels!