Summer's here! What motivates you to go out for a bike ride?

You look at your bike gathering dust at the back of the shed, and you can't make up your mind whether or not to take it for a spin. What if this was the summer you decided it's time? You know it'II feel good and make you feel good about yourself, but sometimes you need that last little push to get there.

We took to our Facebook page to find out what motivates cyclists of all kinds. Maybe you'II find your own inspiration to bike this summer!


Our decisions are sometimes based on reason and logic.

  • Serge uses his bike to get around, because it's eco-friendly. Every little bit counts in creating a greener world.
  • Gilles commutes by bike in the city and uses it to run errands. And parking's a lot easier!


Regular biking is a great way to stay fit--both physically and mentally.

  • Daniel couldn't run because of a knee injury, so he took up biking instead. He bikes over 2,500 km. a year to stay in shape.
  • Robert finds biking to be the best antidepressant, and also uses his passion to do good: this year, he'II complete his 3rd "La Boucle" with the Grand Défi Pierre Lavoie cycling challenge.
  • For Serge, his rides are a great way to clear his head, while Pierre bikes so he doesn't get a big belly. There are lots of good reasons to take up biking.


Doing it for yourself doesn't mean doing it alone: biking is a great excuse to meet up with friends and family, and it's also a fantastic way to see the countryside!

  • That's exactly what "La famille aux 10 roues" does with their cycle tourism, an unusual and really fun activity, creating memories for years to come.
  • Josée strongly recommends trying the bike path that runs along the river in Lévis. The landscape of Quebec is vast, and some places are hard to get to by car. Biking is a fantastic option for exploring the beautiful countryside.
  • For Robert, it's a great way to spend quality time with family.

Ready to get started? Ask a biking enthusiast if you can come along with them on one of their favourite routes. Even if they're more advanced, chances are they'II be happy to slow it down and share their passion with you. Need an excuse to hit the road on 2 wheels?  - This link will open in a new window. See the list of bike events we're sponsoring this summer.