Taking your holidays on the road

Summer's here! Have you planned your holidays yet? If you haven't, there are lots of affordable ways to have fun that require little preparation.

There's nothing like riding in the car with the windows down to make you feel free and stir up childhood memories. To ensure you have an enjoyable road trip, here are 5 tips to keep in mind: 

1. Inspect your vehicle before you leave

A good road trip starts with a vehicle in good condition. Even if you don't plan on going far, it's important to get a tune up at your garage. You'll have peace of mind and reduce the chances of a nasty surprise putting a dent in your travel plans. 

2. Plan out your route

The provincial's official tourism site provides information on tourist routes. If you're short on ideas, this is a great starting point! Because each outing or trip has been given a theme and indicates the distance to travel, you can quickly find ones that would suit your tastes and timeframe. Activity suggestions are even included! Some routes list great places for a picnic, which really help cut down on restaurant bills. 

3. Book ahead

It's quick and easy to make reservations online. You can book accommodation before you leave home or a few days before you need it once you're on the road. One of the benefits of online booking is that you can choose where to stay based on your budget. Not only will you save, but booking ahead means you won't end up late at night in the last room available paying who knows what price. Some hotels offer packages that include lodging and activities--they're worth looking into. 

4. Try to keep the kids happy

Kids have a different perception of time than adults do. They might see a short ride in the car as being quite long. So, if you're going from Quebec City to the Gaspé Peninsula, you'll have to plan some ways to make the trip fun for them, and for you. You don't need to be a summer camp counsellor--a few easy activities should do the trick - This link will open in a new window., like singing, guessing games, telling stories, counting vehicles of the same colour, reading and understanding road signs, etc. As kids get older they might start suggesting some things for themselves. 

5. Drive safely

Activities to pass the time are for the kids--not for the driver. Let another adult entertain the children while you keep focused on driving - This link will open in a new window.. When you drive safely, you help make the roads safer for everyone else, too. Remember, if you're signed up for Ajusto coverage on your auto insurance and are the main driver, you could be rewarded for your good driving habits! 

Have a great trip!