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Find tips from experts and good practices to get your finances in shape.

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Julie Aubé has a passion for eating and good food. From farm to table, her work is focused on bringing together the "two solitudes" that consumers and producers have become.

Whether you plan to invest with the help of an advisor or take a self-directed approach, the first thing you need is to understand your "investor personality."

Take the test! Answer these 6 questions and learn some good investment practices at the same time.

Money opens doors, but when it's not managed properly, it can also create uncertainty, especially during ownership transfers. How can you make use of capital without getting bogged down in debt?

Incorporating has its pros and cons. Is it the right choice for you? Desjardins tax specialist Dominique Renaud recommends that you consider incorporating if one or more of these 5 situations apply to you.

Are you thinking about moving to smaller quarters? Before going from house to condo or country to city or taking on a new lifestyle, you should give some serious thought to the matter. It's important to choose the best strategy, both from a financial and a tax perspective.

Do you already own a house, condo, cottage or rental property? What are your best options when renewing your mortgage? First piece of advice: read this.

Isabelle Hudon has never been "afraid of being afraid." But she has had to work hard to go farther and break down barriers to become the business woman she is today. Here's her story.