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Where is Quebec agriculture headed? Agronomist Yvon Therien, publisher and editor-in-chief of the Bulletin des agriculteurs, looks into his crystal ball to predict 3 technical and structural changes.

Valérie and Rosalie Champagne called their company "La Grosse Business" (The Big Business) and it's living up to the name! Born into an entrepreneurial family, these two sisters inherited self-confidence, ambition, and a willingness to help others and work as a team. And, above all else, they're highly motivated to rea ...

Change is afoot in entrepreneurial culture. All around the world, business people are coming together and innovating to strike just the right work/life balance. The result? Coworking's younger sibling: coliving.

Many young people dream of going into business for themselves, but few manage to do it. Lack of money and isolation are often to blame. The solution? Solidarity-based financing.

Dairy farmer Sabrina Caron regularly leaves her community of Laurierville to see what's new, get inspired and enjoy the intellectual stimulation that comes from learning. Is it worth the cost to step away from the everyday in order to stand out in her sector?

In 2016, 70% of Quebec households were in debt. At first glance, this statistic can be pretty scary. So, should Quebec consumers be worried?

In Canada, life expectancy is around 85. That's good news! But you still need enough income to fully enjoy it. Being financially prepared for the unexpected, being able to maintain your lifestyle and enjoying good health--these are big concerns for retirees.

The average Canadian retires at age 63. Will you retire on time, or just like in a bad dream, will you end up prolonging your working years?