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Managing your personal finances is like a board game, where you have to understand the ground rules (not always easy, let's face it) to move ahead - and win! To get you motivated, here are four very inspiring young people who've learned a thing or two about personal finance. In their own words, they explain how importa ...

We all need to save for retirement and it's totally doable, but magical thinking won't get us there. It requires action, but first we need to take a look at some of our habits. Where do we start?

Entrepreneurship was a natural evolution for Valérie Fontaine. "I had plenty of clients and income, but I wasn't feeling challenged. It can be scary to start a business, but I felt it would be more fulfilling to start my own practice."

Did you know that Desjardins - and you, member! - is encouraging financial literacy in Canada and around the world? ADAPAMI, a microfinance project in Benin, is a great example.

This time of year is hectic. At work and at home, we're all busier than ever. But why not take advantage of this energy to take another look at your taxes and make sure you have effective strategies in place?

Making holiday magic isn't a matter of money. We asked our colleagues to share tips on celebrating the spirit of the holidays while reducing the season's impact on the environment and their wallets.

Do you want to help build a better world, but are short on resources? Whatever it is you need--money, supplies or people--here are some tools to help you make a difference in your community.

For many of us, the golden years are better than ever--and longer, too. One more reason to carefully plan for your retirement!