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With the Holidays upon us, gifts are naturally on our minds. Don't forget to give your animals something, too! Here's what their wish list would look like.

For many people, selling their business means paying taxes. Do you know what your options are, so you can come out ahead?

Why not both? If you want to help others without neglecting your own needs, you're best off with a plan that maximizes tax benefits and leaves room for spontaneity

You can't give to everyone; so how do you narrow it down?

The cost of gifts around the holidays can really add up. But what usually costs more is all the small expenses that accumulate, from groceries for a fancy dinner, to gas for your car, to your drink tab at the end of the night. How can we enjoy all these things without breaking the bank?

This time of year is hectic. At work and at home, we're all busier than ever. But why not take advantage of this energy to take another look at your taxes and make sure you have effective strategies in place?

With the Holidays right around the corner, you're probably getting lots of emails and texts: discounts from your favourite stores, half-priced electronics, red sticker deals, clearance sales and more. How can you tell if the offer is real or not?

Following her heart by turning an idea into action to help children with behavioural problems--that's just what Anne-Marie Guertin of Desjardins Foundation did.