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There are some things that we can go on and on about, but we know that many of us feel uncomfortable discussing illness, incapacity and death with our loved ones. These are sensitive topics but they're still important.

Found the home of your dreams? Decided on your wedding date? First child on the way? You've got a lot happening. How do you make sure these milestones don't turn into financial burdens?

Desjardins employees in the GTA came out in force for the 36th annual Toronto 5K Corporate Run, held in late September at Ontario Place on the Toronto waterfront.

Permanent, term, can be hard to grasp all this life insurance jargon. Nathalie Tremblay, a product manager at Desjardins Insurance, offers a practical approach to help you understand it and make the right choice.

Credit cards are commonplace, but we don't all use them in the same way. Read on to determine your credit card user profile, and get some tips, too!

Claude Bigras runs GDI Integrated Facility Services--a publicly traded company with more than 20,000 employees. This natural born entrepreneur is proud of what he's accomplished, but goes to great lengths to attribute his own success to his employees.

There's a new feature on Desjardins's Facebook page that brings you closer to your caisse. The Locations feature lets you contact your caisse directly and stay on top of initiatives that affect your community.

Ever happen that you're walking by a bakery and lured inside by the smell of fresh-baked croissants, only to find you've left your wallet at home? Don't worry. You can still indulge, if you have your phone.