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"Do what you love! If you do something you enjoy, you’ll be
successful."-Martin Lamontagne

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Martin Lamontagne is the former President and CEO of Creaform, a company he founded and recently sold to AMETEK for $120 M. As Vice-President and Business Unit Manager since the acquisition, the successful entrepreneur shares tips on how to be effective and productive day to day.

Are there any essential tools, apps or software you use?
My smartphone--for 3 reasons: I can read my email when I'm travelling, I get instant access to the largest library in the world--the Internet--and I can see the current status of our sales thanks to our online CRM sales management tool.

What do you use to manage your to-do list? 
I use Outlook's calendar and email follow-up feature. I also use a notebook, but more often than not, I'll make a list in my head and rely on my memory. Surprisingly, it's very effective!

What's your best time-saving tip?
I go out for a run at lunch. It keeps me in shape and gives me a break, and I come back to the office recharged and full of new ideas. It's very motivating; there are several runners at Creaform.

What's the best advice you've ever received?
It's the advice I often find myself giving others: Do what you love! If you do something you enjoy, you'll be successful.

What do you recommend reading most often?
I read a lot of economic newsletters. In just a few minutes, I can find out how the markets are doing. But overall, I think you should read what you like. Enjoyment is key.

Are there any experts you couldn't live without?
Our business is now big enough that we have our own experts. And honestly, all of them are indispensable.

When do you read your email?
I find email alerts really annoying, so I turned them off. But I still read my emails regularly, between tasks and meetings.

Are you an introvert or an extravert?
Although I'm more of an extravert, I'm a chameleon in that I can quickly adapt to different situations.

What time of day are you most productive? 
Morning. It seems that's when things go better and faster.

What comes to mind when you think of the word rest?
When I'm at the office, I get a break from my 4 kids, and when I'm with them, I get a break from the office. In all seriousness, I find that the more variety I have, the more relaxed I feel. That's why I like to have different projects on the go.

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