Traps to avoid (but easy to fall into)

Monitoring employees is the best way to see how effective your
leadership actually is

Isabelle Marquis | Journaliste

Remember these three letters: E-G-O.

You have to be careful when it comes to ego. It can bring out the worst in us.

“Some people climb the company ladder and forget where they came from, and that can lead to egocentric behaviour,” explains Dominic Deneault.

Rémi Tremblay thinks losing touch with yourself and your values is a threat leaders have to avoid. “We need to be consistent and true to ourselves. There are a lot of things in life that can take us off track. Everything moves so fast. We can end up at odds with our own values, which doesn’t help the business or the leader. The lure of a reward is something that can be distracting and make us stray from our basic values.”

He shares candidly about his experience as President of Adecco Canada. “The success went to my head. When we got to number one after only 10 years, I hit a wall. I told myself I’d made it, but why? And for whom? All the action and everything I did was just to prove I was capable. Your ego might be satisfied, but your spirit is destroyed. I decided I’d never pressure people like that again.”

Warning signs

“Faltering or failing team engagement when projects aren’t going as planned is an important sign. The leader has to take the team’s pulse by talking to team members,” says Guy Barthell.

Monitoring employees is the best way to see how effective your leadership actually is. “When turnover goes up, it’s time to start asking questions,” says Rémi Tremblay. “And you need to listen to yourself. Are you stressed out as soon as you’re on vacation? Are you relaxed and calm? The boss had better take stock, because it has a direct impact on their employees.”

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