Making the productivity shift : The case of Teknion Roy & Breton

The coordinator Frédéric Boucher and his team during a daily
follow-up meeting.

Annie Bourque | Journalist

Every year, Johanne Maletto admires the winners of the Grands Prix québécois de la qualité winners. "I'm inspired by the incredible results of their exemplary practices."

Businesses come to demonstrate their expertise at the Salon sur les meilleures pratiques d'affaires (best business practices show), held in November. A good example is Teknion Roy & Breton, a company of 900 employees located on Quebec City's South Shore.

The company's 5 factories have been using the Lean method for many years. In 2013, they faced the challenge of introducing this method into the customized products department, which has about 15 employees. 

In the process, 63% of team members' suggestions were taken. The result? The company has increased quotes by 24% without adding any new employees. "In our industry, responding quickly increases our chances of winning contracts," says Frédéric Boucher, manager, customized products and specifications. 

"Everyone was involved in this culture change. It's a point of pride for us. Other companies are now visiting us to learn more about our methodology."

Teknion Roy & Breton won the silver prize at the last Salon des meilleures pratiques d'affaires, in November 2014.

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