Labatt: empowering employees, rewarding excellence

Jean Gagnon, 32, has quickly risen through Labatt’s ranks to
become VP, Corporate Affairs. Photo credit: Courtesy

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Labatt Breweries, named one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers, describes itself as a “company of owners” that “takes results personally.” So everyone acts as if they’re their own boss.

The multinational focuses on training, management and communication with 155,000 employees around the world, 3,000 of them in Canada. One of the company’s 10 guiding principles: “We recruit, develop and retain people who can be better than ourselves.”

“As soon as they’re hired, employees are empowered to take ownership and strive for excellence,” says Jean Gagnon, 32, Vice-President, Corporate Affairs.

Working in a relaxed environment

Everyone works in a relaxed environment thanks to the company’s open concept. There’s no hierarchy in the strict sense of the word. “Here, there’s nothing stopping customer service representatives from talking to the president. And communication is really valued, since many employees are on the road,” says Gagnon.

Lots of opportunities for promotion

By proposing new ideas or projects, everyone has an impact on the business, and everyone’s performance is recognized. “We encourage people to excel by giving them career opportunities.”

People are rarely recruited from outside. “We prefer to promote people internally; it really motivates the troops,” says Gagnon.

He himself quickly rose through the ranks. In 2005, he was a customer service representative and a year later, a territory manager. After many promotions, he was appointed VP, Corporate Affairs, in March 2015.

It was a similar career path for Simon Laroche, 34, hired in 2004 as a territory manager. He later became sales manager in Saguenay, Montreal and Quebec City, and is now Vice-President of Sales - Canada.

Accumulating points boosts motivation!

Employees’ good work is rewarded through a points system. “They can use the points they’ve accumulated to purchase items like TVs and iPads,” says Gagnon.

“What’s most important is that everyone works hard and does their part. We want to recognize them for a job well done, not just with compensation.”

The result? Employees feel more motivated. “They’re motivated because their hard work is recognized, which makes a stronger team,” he says.

The Company was obviously proud to be named one of Canada’s Top Employers and released a statement on its website in 2014, saying “Today, we salute every employee for being the character behind Labatt.”

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