Pre-retirement : make the most of it

Retirement approaching? You’ll be glad you prepared for it
with a financial plan!

Marie-Christine Daignault | Desjardins

Retirement approaching? You'll be glad you prepared for it with a financial plan! Now's the time to take stock of your plan, review it and make changes as needed. 

At this stage, you will once again make choices and set priorities. You may have many plans for your retirement years, and they can be expensive.

  • Determine whether or not your financial plan still works for you. 
  • Identify your sources of retirement income and estimate your expenses based on your goals.
  • Tweak your plan: This is the time to make the appropriate adjustments. 
  • Develop a specific plan that takes you to retirement and guarantees peace of mind. Consider different scenarios as you work it out.
  • Review your coverage requirements to focus on quality of life and peace of mind. 
  • Aim for independence: nobody wants to depend on others, but a disability can happen to anyone.
  • Consider coverage for specialized medical assistance and services.
  • Develop an estate plan, draw up a will with help of a notary, along with a protection mandate.

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