Keep dreaming

Marie-Christine Daignault | Desjardins Group

Dreaming is great; taking action on your dream is even better.

It’s easier said than done—especially when it comes to money. As the saying goes, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” We know you have the will—here’s a way!

Your challenge: find $10 (or $20) a week for a “from me to me” goal.

Step 1: Decide on what you want to save for.

Step 2: Go over your budget to determine how much you can save each week: $10 or $20 to start.

Step 3: Create a “My XYZ dream: from me to me” goal in My Savings Plan.

Step 4: Deposit the money by automatic transfer every week.

Step 5: Forget about this money—in 21 days, you’ll have learned to live without it.

Step 6: Keep dreaming.

Tips to get there:

  1. Avoid budget pitfalls.
  2. Set small goals and gradually increase them to give yourself the time to make them a habit.
  3. Question your purchases and buy used if possible.
  4. DIY: Get into the habit of making or doing certain things yourself: food, decorations, renovations…
  5. Avoid impulse spending traps.

We give you this challenge to encourage you to develop new micro-habits. Without even realizing it, you can save a lot of money—and often faster than you thing!

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