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Marie-Christine Daignault | Desjardins Group

For many people, a budget means restriction. But a budget actually gives you more flexibility. It isn’t restrictive; it gives you an overview of your actual situation.

Following a budget is like following a route on a map. You can always take a different route, but the basic one is often the fastest.

Your challenge: determine the best route to your destination

Step 1: Take a serious look at your expenses and review the transactions in your bank accounts and on your credit cards. The My Budget tool will give you a clear picture of the situation at a glance (fortunately or unfortunately).

Step 2: Open your eyes and list the expenses that should be budgeted for.

Step 3: Calculate monthly savings and plan an automatic transfer of this amount into the “My XYZ dream: from me to me” savings goal.

Step 4: Keep your eyes open… your true colours will come shining through!

What you need to know to put your budget in order

We give you this challenge to encourage you to develop new micro-habits. Without even realizing it, you can save a lot of money—and often faster than you think!

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