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Marie-Christine Daignault | Desjardins Group

The stock market can be overwhelming for people with little investment experience. You don’t need a PhD in Economics, though, to understand the basics. A little time, a lot of curiosity and a keen interest in the topic is all it takes!

When it comes to finances, knowledge is power!

Your challenge: become a savvy investor

Step 1: Do some honest reflection. You’ll need to identify your saving goals, know your limits and figure out your risk tolerance.

Step 2: Dream. Why are you investing? Is it to buy a condo, take a dream vacation, finance your education, prepare for retirement, or for something else? Whatever your reasons, they need to be meaningful to you.

Step 3: Determine your investor profile.

Step 4: Open an account to invest online.

Step 5: Get informed.

Step 6: Take control and jump in.

Some useful information to get you started

We give you this challenge to encourage you to develop new micro-habits. Without even realizing it, you can save a lot of money—and often faster than you think!

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