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Carole Routhier, co-owner of Fromagerie La Station, with her family.

Adèle Manseau | Desjardins Group

Carole Routhier has got raw milk running through her veins!  The founder and co-owner of Fromagerie La Station passed down her passion for cheese to her family, who are driven by innovation to grow their profession!

Find out more about Carole Routhier whose Chemin Hatley cheese was rated best organic cheese by Sélection Caseus in 2016.

1. What advice or financial tool helped you as an entrepreneur? 
Knowing how to use and interpret financial statements. We're very detail-oriented, which helps us seize every opportunity and establish a solid network of contacts. Choosing the right partners is a crucial part of what we do. We need to focus on innovation and know when to take risks. And to bear in mind that the goal is to have fun.  

2. What would say is your go-to tech tool to get everything done? 
A good old electronic agenda!

3. How do you deal with stress?

4. What was the turning point for your business? 
When I started receiving awards and recognitions.  

5. What's the best advice you have for someone thinking about going into business for themselves?
To really understand the market you want to do business in.

6. What's your guilty pleasure?
Travelling. It's nice to travel around the world every now and then. 

Entrepreneurs: Carole Routhier, Pierre, Simon-Pierre and Vincent Bolduc
Location: Compton
In business: Since 2004
Niche market: Cheese

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