Our best cheap gift ideas

An investment of time and creativity can give way to most original gifts.

Adèle Manseau | Desjardins Group

Buying a gift isn't always your only option! The holiday season is just around the corner, and along with it comes quasi-existential questions about presents. So how can you make sure your gift is a hit without winding up with a financial hangover in January?

Get inspired!

. Famous homemade dishes
. A collection of your favourite recipes
. Knitting or crafts
. Christmas decorations
. Woodworking, plumbing or shovelling 
. A sentimental or symbolic photo or photo collage

Re-use what you can
. Clothes a friend has been eyeing or a hidden treasure from the thrift store 
. Old clothes or accessories for disguises at a daycare or school 
. Old decorations get a second life
. Furniture or trinkets you picked up at a garage sale or flea market

Give the gift of time
. Go for a walk or hike with someone
. Babysit
. Visit a friend or pay your respects
. Give a massage
. Host a potluck 

Share what you know
. Knitting, sewing, photography, drawing
. Quick and easy meals
. Home repairs (simple fixes, hanging a frame or curtains, etc.)
. Gardening
. Odd jobs

Share your some of your ideas! 

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Ann Bailey / December 14, 2016 11:36 AM
Thank You for the great ideas for Gift Giving.

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