Co-creating with Ève

By participating in the co-creation workshop, Ève is helping mould the future of services at Desjardins.

Adèle Manseau | Desjardins Group

"I've been a Desjardins member since I was born. But being invited to the Desjardins Lab made it a lot more personal," says Ève, a communications worker in her 20s. When Desjardins asked for help developing--or "co-creating"--its offer for young workers, Ève and 14 other young people rose to the challenge.

Here's what Ève had to say about her co-creation experience:

What I got out of it
"I studied communications at school, so for me, it was as much a professional as a personal experience. I hadn't expected it--even though I knew what was involved in a discussion group--but I learned a lot about myself, the way I interact with others, the kind of person I am in a group setting, and how I adapt to others."   

What I discovered
"I really learned a lot about the products and services available to young workers." Ève also realized that by taking part in this exercise, she was helping mould the future of services at Desjardins.

What I took away from the experience, what I liked and what I didn't
"I liked finding out that Desjardins is interested in our lives and meeting employees who are doing something to move things forward. It was a great way to get to know us and our reality better. I felt like what we were saying mattered and was being taken into account. We were the ones driving change--and it felt so rewarding.  

At the end of the workshops, they presented us with a prototype of a mobile app designed specifically for us.

The only downside was having one of the 3 workshops in the evening. You could tell that being tired made it harder to come up with ideas and be creative. But the format worked great in the afternoon and on the weekend." 

Why I'd recommend the experience to someone else
"It was a really positive experience. I had the opportunity to speak with Desjardins employees, meet new people in a different setting, and get to know people the same age from different places and backgrounds. We didn't feel like we were working, more like helping Desjardins take the next step--that's pretty special!"

What I would suggest to future participants
"Go with an open mind and don't hesitate to say what you're thinking and share your opinion.

"Don't hold back, because what you say can help move things forward, spur other ideas. Everything leads to something."
How I see Desjardins differently
"I've always had a positive experience with Desjardins. I feel like the organization's rejuvenated, like it's open to and ready for the changes members want. Plus being invited to co-create at Desjardins really makes you feel welcome!"

For Ève, co-creation was a great experience. ave you participated in this kind of workshop? Let us know what you thought.


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