4 reasons to drive green

Over the summer, Éric Nadeau averaged 24 km/day on his scooter. Source: Courtesy photo

Annie Bourque | Journalist

Quebec's gone crazy for electric bikes, mopeds and scooters. Here's the story of a Montreal who went green last year. 

When Éric Nadeau and his girlfriend moved to the city, they decided to sell their car and buy a Kumpan electric scooter. "It's terrific," says the convert. "I can get up to 65 km in some places, but for most of my city driving, I stay under 50 km." He took some time to tell us about the advantages of going green.

1. Greater freedom
In traffic or on windy days, the battery drains more quickly, though he tells us he can go up to 50 km on a single charge. But what he likes best is the fact that he can use the USB plugs near the seat or handlebars to recharge his iPad or smartphone. 

2. Free ferry rides
If he's in Quebec City and needs to get to the south shore, he can ride the ferry for free, thanks to his "green plate" from the SAAQ. And on the ferry, there are more and more professionals travelling by scooter. It makes sense, since not only do they save on the cost of the ferry--they also save on parking! 

3. Gas savings
At first Éric was torn between a gas scooter and an electric scooter. Ultimately, though, his choice lets him save on both gas and oil. He put his scooter into storage at the beginning of November. "I can't wait for spring to get here, but until then I'll take the subway." 

4. Rebates
According to the most recent statistics, the government has issued 24,231 rebates for the purchase of electric vehicles (all categories) for a total of $91.2 M. "For an electric motorcycle, we offer a rebate of $2,000. Check our website for eligible vehicles. Just select "Electric Motorcycle" from the drop-down list to see which vehicles are eligible (the list changes from time to time)," says  Nicolas Bégin, customer service coordinator for Quebec's Ministère de l'Énergie et des Ressources naturelles. 

Desjardins is encouraging people to go green by offering a financing plan for the purchase of electric or hybrid vehicles, as well as a discount on auto insurance. 

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