A handy checklist for planning your summer holidays

Save yourself financial stress this summer.

Marie-Christine Daignault | Desjardins Group

April is the time to start thinking about summer vacation. If you’re like most families, coming up with ideas is easy; the hard part is sticking to your budget.

Here are the main expenses you’ll want to plan for, so you can save yourself financial stress this summer.


    • Car
      • Gas
      • Insurance
      • Adjustments before you hit the road
      • Parking
      • Tolls
      • Ferry
      • Extras if you’re travelling in a trailer or RV
      • Etc.
    • Public transportation
      • Subway
      • Bus
      • Taxi
      • Train
      • Ferry
      • Plane


    • Camping
    • Hotel/hostel, cottage, condo
      • Good to know: You might get a discount for certain types of accommodations if you stay for several consecutive nights.
    • House-swapping
      • Good to know: It’s essential that you contact your insurance company.


  • DIY
Even if you’re not camping, you can eat for less by bringing along a cooler and some basic food items.
  • Restaurant
Along with accommodations, meals will be your biggest expense. Don’t underestimate this! It costs at least $15 to $30 a day per person, depending on what kind of restaurants you choose and how often you eat out each day.

Things that are often overlooked

  • Insurance: Let your auto insurer know if you’re crossing the border.
  • Travel insurance: Find out what coverages you have, or could get, if you’re travelling within or outside the country.
  • Medications: Plan on bringing your regular medications, and don’t forget to pack a first-aid kit tailored to your destination.
  • Emergency fund: Set aside some funds to cover unexpected expenses—both pleasant and unpleasant.
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