Using the body to find the best fuel #entrepreneurtalk

Always pushed by his desire to go further, he used his own body as a lab on his adventures, looking for the most effective natural fuel.

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David Côté studied film. Since leaving school, he has had experience after experience, from travel to projects to businesses. And never one at a time of course; he's always adding more.

This extreme sports fan describes himself as hyperactive. Always pushed by his desire to go further, he used his own body as a lab on his adventures, looking for the most effective natural fuel.

He's tried almost every diet--vegetarian, vegan, paleo, and more--while in survival mode in the Appalachian forest, and in Mexico, British Columbia and Hawaii. In the end, it was a raw, unprocessed diet that won his heart--and his belly--much to the pleasure of the customers of the three companies he's co-founded.

David "Multitask" Côté is a hybrid who's fuelled by two things: raw food and projects. He always has new ideas brewing; as soon as one finishes he moves on to the next. 

He also has multiple answers to our questions.

1. What financial advice or tool helped you as an entrepreneur? 
First, a line of credit changed my life, once I finally managed to get one (laughs).Taking a year off to travel the world before starting university, which ended up being 8 years, I was really starting from scratch in terms of finances when I got back!

Second, it's important to find a really good accountant, someone who can simply and clearly explain the concepts and someone that you click with. When you start a small business, you need someone who really knows their stuff so you can avoid being in a position of "if I only knew." 

2. What would you say is your go-to tech tool to get everything done? 
1: It sounds cliché, but my cellphone. When I started my first business, we used flip phones. We've come a long way. What did we do before cellphones?

2: My work is communication, and my smartphone is my main communication tool. I'm always on the go so it's also my mobile office.

3: I should know what I'm doing by now, but every day I learn something new that I can do with it!

3. How do you deal with stress?
1: I do yoga
2: I love sports
3: I play Xbox (that's right!)

I go every other day, so about 3 times a week. If I go less often, I'm less happy. I stop seeing problems and challenges as opportunities, and I only see the problem.

4. What was the turning point for your business? 
When Crudessence started, Mathieu [Gallant] and I appeared on Daniel Pinard's Du coeur au ventre, a French-language cooking show on Radio-Canada.

1: That really helped us take off as a new business. It had an amazing effect.

2: We shot ourselves in the foot though, because we weren't ready for that much attention and interest. We were victims of our own success. But it all turned out okay.

5. What's the best advice you have for someone thinking about going into business for themselves?
First, you need to be passionate about a business opportunity, or it'll be over in 2 years.

And second, if you're trying to meet an existing need, you're on the right path. That's what the public wants. The thinking has changed and people don't like it when a business tries to create a false need, like how it used to be. Nowadays, business owners are more prominent; people want to know who's behind the business, and whether they're doing it to fulfill a dream or just fill their pockets.

6. What's your guilty pleasure?
1: Chocolate fudge, good wine and good company.

2: Every 2 months I take a 1-week trip to recharge my batteries. When I'm here, I give 100%. When I'm away, I leave it all behind.

About David Côté
Location: Montreal 
In business since: 2007 with Rise and Crudessence and 2016 with Loop Juice
Niche: raw food and prepared juices using discarded fruits and vegetables 

1 Co-founder with Mathieu Galant
2 Co-founder with Julie Poitras-Saulnier and Frédéric Monette

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