4 effective strategies for motivating employees

How to develop everyone's full potential? By hiring the right people for the right jobs.

Annie Bourque | Journalist

Staff turnover in Quebec businesses is nearly 35%. For an organization of 100 employees earning an average of $50,000, that's a price tag of $875,000 to $3.5 million! 

Besides the significant economic consequences, losing an employee often means losing unique expertise and skills, too.

The reason for leaving? It's rarely just about salary. Daniel Beaulé understands this well. The President of Service 2000 Électroménagers and founder of Altius Coaching decided instead to "manage based on strong values, which results in happy employees and an explosion in productivity," he says.

The 42-year-old has achieved incredible success with his appliance repair business, quintupling revenue between 2011 and 2016. 

His secret? He promotes enjoyment, teamwork, accountability, respect and honesty. Result: no more absenteeism and far fewer sick days, which supports loyalty and creativity.

His approach revolves around 4 main strategies:

1. Measure satisfaction
Every week, Beaulé evaluates his staff's level of satisfaction. He uses a tool created by a Quebec start-up, Officevibe, which directly addresses his 22 employees whose identity remains confidential. They're asked questions like: Who would you like to give feedback to? or What do you think of your immediate supervisor? At the end of the questionnaire, they can add a comment or thought for their employer. 

2. Understand needs
Beaulé is able to make his employees happy by understanding their expectations. He recently offered each of them a fitness bracelet to encourage them to be more physically active, and he's taken their suggestions, like buying fruit baskets, books, newspapers and magazines. "They asked us to start a book club. We're working on it," he said.
3. Promote development
How to develop everyone's full potential? By hiring the right people for the right jobs. Those employees will be more engaged and enthusiastic, and their initiatives will help save time and money and make work more enjoyable. How to interact with Generation Y or Z? "Millenials want to understand the 'why' of what they're doing. Listening and communicating becomes profitable because we're unleashing a potential of 40% of their productivity."

4. Encourage a sense of belonging
Beaulé believes it's important to pay his people well. We know that money is often a source of stress. In late July, he plans to share Service 2000 Électroménagers's profits by giving everyone a bonus. 

When employees return from vacation, many of them will definitely experience a sense of belonging to the company, because this money will feel like a reward, encouraging them to go the extra mile. 

Happy employees are ...*
  • Off work 6x less often than unhappy ones
  • Sick 2x less often 
  • 9 times more loyal
  • 50% more creative
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*Source: Laurence Vanhée, author of the e-book Happy RH, published by La Charte

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