7 things to know before you go away

Buying travel insurance definitely sounds like #soadult, but preparing for the worst gives you peace of mind so you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Here are 7 things to know about travail insurance.

1. It's not too late to buy travel insurance, even if you're on your way to the airport.
As long as you haven't left your province of residence, you can still buy insurance.

2. Did you pick up a malady in The Maldives or fall off a llama in Chile?
Travel insurance covers the cost of your medical expenses abroad.

3. Frequent traveller? There's insurance for that.
Multi-trip annual insurance allows you to save if you travel more than once a year outside your province of residence.

4. Going on a road trip out of province? You should get insurance.
Government health insurance does not reimburse all costs incurred outside of your province.

5. Would you lose your mind if you lost your smartphone?
With baggage coverage, your belongings will be replaced if they are stolen.

6. You're not the type to get lost, but are your bags?
If your suitcase arrives more than 6 hours late, you'll be covered for up to $500 to buy basic necessities.

7. There when you need a hand, even if you're on the other side of the world.
With Travel Assistance, you can get the advice you need in the event of a medical emergency or difficult situation.

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