Your bags are more valuable than you think

Before you leave, estimate the value of the items you're bringing with you!

There are certain essentials everyone needs to pack for a trip. You may think you travel light, but if you make a list of everything that goes into your luggage, you'll probably be surprised at how much your stuff is actually worth. Especially if electronics are involved!

Before you leave, take a picture of everything you put in your suitcase. This will make it much easier to make a claim if something happens to your bags along the way.

Here are 6 questions to help you estimate the value of the items you're bringing with you:

  1. How much is your suitcase worth? Your daypack? Your purse?
  2. Are you bringing any electronics with you?
  3. Will you be using a camera to capture your memories?
  4. What's in your toiletry bag?
  5. Do you have a lot of clothes? Designer brands?
  6. Are you travelling outside the country with your passport?

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