Email and text fraud: can you tell a fake message from a real one?

Stay alert and know what signs to watch for!
Karine Benoit | Desjardins Group

You're regularly getting lots of emails and texts which make you shimmer gifts and attractive offers. How can you tell if the offer is real or not?

In legitimate emails and texts, you will never be asked to:
  • Share personal information 
  • Answer security questions 
  • Provide your PIN or access code for authentication purposes
However, a text that asks you to answer, "Yes," "No," "Confirmed" or "Accepted" in order to share information may be legitimate. 

In any case, always question any email or text you receive to determine whether or not it's fraudulent.

Desjardins sends emails, texts and notifications to members and clients

We send emails and texts to share factual information. For example, you might receive a text from Desjardins asking you to check your email to confirm recent credit card transactions. It's a simple, fast and secure way for us to check charges on your credit card. Text messages are transmitted through the cellular network. You don't need a mobile app.

In February, we began sending push notifications through the Desjardins mobile services app. The notification available is an alert if the funds in the account dip below what is needed to cover a pre-authorized payment. A notification is an alert message sent through a mobile app already installed on the member's mobile device. The alert is sent to the member, even if the app isn't open. A notification should not be confused with a text or SMS. 

Stay alert and know what signs to watch for!

For more security
For more information, go to and, if in doubt, call the number on the back of your credit card.

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Luis Vasquez / November 24, 2017 4:34 PM
Very good information, as a matter of fact I received this text message "Nous avons suspendue votre banque en ligne Desjardins en raison de vérifications de sécurité. Présentez-vous à: From this number(365)888-1238. Well my account access was ok.

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