4 indispensable experts for your business

There are 4 key people that make up the cornerstone of any successful business: a lawyer, an accountant, a banker and a salesperson.

Katia Lavoie | Journalist

"When you're in business for yourself, you quickly realize that you're much more likely to succeed when you work with others than when you work alone," says Nicolas Duvernois, founder and CEO of PUR Vodka and Romeo's Gin. For him, one of the keys to business success is surrounding yourself with good people.

There are 4 key people that entrepreneurs should start with. They make up the cornerstone of any successful business: a lawyer, an accountant, a banker and a salesperson. Here's why they're all so important.

1. A lawyer: to start off on the right foot
Duvernois compares the role of a lawyer to architecture: Just as a building needs a strong foundation, so does your business.

"In a company, this foundation starts with the legal structure," he says. Without this structure, you're at risk of having your ideas stolen, signing contracts that don't work in your favour or associating yourself with the wrong people.

2. An accountant: for healthy finances 
You don't have to look very far to understand the importance of having an accountant. "When you have a company, 1 + 1 has to add up to 2," he says.

By properly organizing your finances, you'll be better able to anticipate costs, and you'll make sure you never run out of money. With an accountant, you'll save valuable time that you can put to better use, depending on your needs.
3. A banker: for growth
If you're ambitious and have lots of plans for your business, chances are you'll need a bit of financial help in the foreseeable future.

A banker will facilitate your development. They'll also be able to advise you on financing.

4. A salesperson: to make money
A company's work can be divided into 2 parts: execution and sales. Each of them counts for half of the work to be done.

The salesperson has a huge role to play. No sales means no revenue. "This person is your ambassador, the face of your business and the one who's focused on bringing in the most money," says Duvernois.

It's important to point out that both the entrepreneur and an employee can take on this role.

Other experts, depending on your sector
If you want to achieve business success, you'll obviously need to enlist talented people related to your sector. If you specialize in cinema, for example, it would definitely be worth your while to hire a top-notch director. 

"In my industry, what's really important after the sale is brand image," says Duvernois. That makes a graphic designer or creative director a key part of his development.

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