Contacting your caisse directly through Facebook

Each caisse runs its own Facebook page, which means a caisse employee replies to all posted comments and questions.

Isabelle Paradis | Collaborator

There's a new feature on Desjardins's Facebook page that brings you closer to your caisse. The Locations feature lets you contact your caisse directly and stay on top of initiatives that affect your community.

When you click the Locations option in the main menu, you'll see a map of all Desjardins caisses*.

The new feature is being rolled out to bring caisses closer to their members through contact with local caisse staff members who are quick to respond. All caisses will oversee and locally host their own Facebook page by the end of 2018.

"We're trying to increase visibility for the caisses and offer our members and clients greater access while providing pages with local and relevant content," explains Jeannie Daneault, a social media advisor with Desjardins.

Find your caisse faster
"A lot of our caisses are already on Facebook," explains Jeannie. "With Facebook Locations on the official Desjardins Facebook page, you can see ALL the caisses at once. This feature just makes it that much easier to find what you want," she adds.

When you've spotted your caisse on the map, just click the location pin, and the caisse's name and contact information will appear. To access the caisse's Facebook page where you'll see all the benefits of this fantastic new feature, just click the caisse name!

Local content
Get the latest on topics that matter to you, like:
  • Local news
  • Donations
  • Sponsorships
  • Contests held by your caisse
What's the best part about this new feature? "Now members and clients can interact online," says the social media advisor, with more than a hint of enthusiasm.

Get personalized service
This feature was created after the caisses expressed an interest in being more accessible to their members.

Each caisse runs its own Facebook page, which means a caisse employee replies to all posted comments and questions. This arrangement really encourages dialogue and provides members with personalized responses. 

While other financial institutions may offer the Locations feature on Facebook, Desjardins is the only one with this level of community interaction, which is a great way to get the conversation going. "The idea is to encourage communication between the members, who want information, and the caisses, which want to get the information out," explains Jeannie Daneault. "And this is just one more way Desjardins can raise the public's awareness of our cooperative difference," she concludes.

*The map is in French, but just click your caisse to go to its website. If your caisse serves an English-speaking public, all content and interactions will be in English.

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