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As an entrepreneur, you know that some of your business expenses are tax deductible. The trick is knowing which ones and when!

It can be easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of your financial obligations. Between the mortgage, renovations, home d├ęcor, the kids, the car and healthcare, the list can feel endless! These days, when debt is virtually unavoidable, it isn't always easy to develop good reflexes or know if you're on the right track. ...

Taxes can be intimidating. But a little insight can mean big savings.

Tuition fees, student loans, first apartment, buying books, credit cards and credit lines, telephone bills, car, wanting to get out and explore the world: young people's lives are rich in learning experiences, as are their finances.

Debt is a concern for many people and in many families. Especially when debt starts to get in the way of carrying out projects.

Incorporating has its pros and cons. Is it the right choice for you? Desjardins tax specialist Dominique Renaud recommends that you consider incorporating if one or more of these 5 situations apply to you.

In an ideal world, once retirement is at hand, you can count on a lower financial burden--the kids have left home, your mortgage is paid off--which means you can start thinking of ways to enjoy your new-found freedom.

The baby's finally here! The nursery is ready, the house is clean and the freezer is stocked with food. As a new parent, your needs have changed, and your financial planning should reflect that.