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"Life is too short to be bored"

Montreal, September 29, 2016 - Desjardins Foundation is pleased to announce its new partnership with Academos Cybermentorat. The two organizations will collaborate to design and implement a new tool to help young people search for one-day work placements, to plan online academic and professional information events, and to enhance the development track currently available on their e-mentoring platform. 

"Over 45,000 young people from across Quebec use our social network to reach more than 2,200 mentors, academic institutions and companies that can help them prepare for their professional future. Our goal is to support them from age 14 until they enter the workforce, so our product should constantly evolve to reflect their needs, which is exactly the goal of this partnership," said Catherine Légaré, Founding President of Academos.

"Thanks to the generosity of Desjardins Group's officers, employees and retirees, Desjardins Foundation can make a commitment to Academos, an organization that makes a real difference in the lives of thousands of young people. In addition to helping youth find their way, Academos gives mentors the opportunity to share their passion with the next generation. There are already some Desjardins employees acting as mentors, and we're sure this partnership will inspire even more involvement," said Diane Derome, Executive Director of Desjardins Foundation.

Academos helps make sure young people are happy at work by giving them a chance to learn about different careers and discover what they're truly passionate about. Desjardins Foundation believes that young people are more likely to stay in school if they get to know themselves better and can explore professions that interest them.

About Academos Cybermentorat

The Academos social media platform introduces 14- to 30-year-olds to the realities of the labour market and helps them determine what they want to do professionally, leading to a more educated, qualified and prosperous society. Founded in 1999, Academos is a non-profit organization funded by the Quebec Government's Youth Secretariat to help kids stay in school and choose a rewarding career.

About Desjardins Foundation

Founded in 1970, Desjardins Foundation is a charitable organization that contributes to young people's academic success by awarding prizes and scholarships and making donations. This year, the Foundation will distribute over $1.9 million in Quebec and Ontario. As a component of Desjardins Group, Canada's leading cooperative financial group, Desjardins Foundation also supports various projects promoting cooperation and democracy.

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