As a Canadian credit card issuer, Desjardins named Best In Class and
a #1 Leader for their customer experience

Montréal (QC), December 20, 2016 - Of all credit card issuers in Canada, Desjardins has come out on top for the quality of its customer experience. This, from the latest report by Forrester Research, a world-renowned research firm.

The report, entitled The Canada Customer Experience Index, 2016 presents the results of a study reviewing industries in Canada, among them being 12 Canadian credit card issuers across a series of factors that measure the quality of CX, customer loyalty and the key drivers of CX. 

Desjardins received the highest CX Index score among the credit card industry vertical in Forrester's proprietary Customer Experience Index Online Survey, 2016.  The ranking was based on responses from 74,379 Canada individuals ages 18 to 88 measuring 193 brands. The proprietary survey results are based on consumers' opinions of their experiences with the brands in the survey.

Forrester Research also awarded Desjardins a "Best In Class" spot for being in the top 10 of 193 Canadian companies for its customer experience offer, all sectors combined.

For André Chatelain, Executive Vice-President of Personal Services, Payments, and Desjardins Group Marketing, "We believe these awards serve to recognize Desjardins Group's commitment and ability to consistently meet the changing needs of our members and clients by using an approach that's simple, people-focused and modern. I'd like to thank all Desjardins employees who work every day to provide them with an outstanding client experience."

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