Clarifications on the open letter by Samuel Archibald

LĂ©vis (Qc), February 12, 2018 - Desjardins knows that mental illness can be debilitating, and we are very sensitive to this cause. As a group insurance provider, we support thousands of people every year, putting their treatment and health first, before helping them return to work based on each individual's capacity, limitations and pace.

Close to half of our group insurance claims are disability cases, and less than 5% of mental health claims are declined. It's important to note that each claim is evaluated on a case-by-case basis, while consulting with the insured, experts--including the attending physicians--and the employer. 

Desjardins is aware of the open letter by Samuel Archibald published February 11 on La Presse +. We sympathize with Mr. Archibald's situation and, given that this file was never re-assessed, we immediately began the process yesterday. We will maintain communication with Mr. Archibald and his employer, whose group insurance plan we administer.

Considering the confidential nature our members' and clients' files, Desjardins will not make any further comment or grant any interviews on this topic.

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