Desjardins welcomes the parliamentary committee on the distribution of financial services outside major municipalities

Lévis, March 15, 2018 -- As the predominant financial institution in Quebec, Desjardins welcomes the initiative of the Committee on Planning and the Public Domain. As already stated to various political groups, this will be an opportunity to demonstrate Desjardins's major physical presence across Quebec and how it achieves a presence that goes far beyond the traditional brick and mortar. 

Some facts about Desjardins:
30% of Desjardins's points of service are in areas with fewer than 2,000 residents (2% for banks). 
Desjardins touches every corner of Quebec, affecting everyone in the province through its donations and sponsorships. These contributions help finance thousands of projects that enrich communities: sports teams, schools, festivals, education programs and much more.

The parliamentary committee will also allow Desjardins to highlight the numerous measures and solutions offered by caisses at a local level to support their members through the changes transpiring as financial services evolve: 
Transportation solutions, space sharing with the municipality, support for key projects
Direct deposit of government cheques and automated bill payments
Training (AccèsD by phone, online or mobile)
Agreements with local businesses to make withdrawals through direct payment and card payments

Desjardins is the financial institution with the largest presence across Quebec, and it intends to remain so. For the last 118 years, its mission has been to contribute to improving the economic and social well-being of people and communities within the limits of its field of activity.

Desjardins Group expects the committee to invite all financial institutions operating in Quebec and any stakeholders affected by the question of the distribution of financial services outside major municipalities.

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