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We have online apps, in-home training and access to the latest nutritional information to help us lead a healthier lifestyle. And yet, according to our recent survey, about one quarter (24%) of respondents do not believe they are in good physical health.  
Our health is significantly impacted by diet and exercise. When it comes to exercise, almost 30 per cent indicated they do not participate in any form of physical activity. More than half (55%) of respondents who rated their physical activity as fair or poor were female, 45 percent were male. And of those who do participate in physical activity, many (26%) say the costs associated with exercise (programs, equipment, memberships, classes) requires a significant financial compromise within their budget. 
As for our diet, experts say that eating less processed food and portion control are ways to be healthier, but 1 in 5 respondents admit they don't regularly eat fresh foods. In addition, nearly 30 per cent don't pay attention to portion sizes and 23 per cent frequently overeat to feel good.

Just like exercise, the cost of eating also comes into play. Forty-four per cent say that they make financial compromises to integrate costs related to their eating habits into their budget. 


Our physical health and wellbeing is so important. It's never too late to live healthier lifestyles to prevent medical ailments that can significantly impact our lives. To further help Canadians focus on prevention as a way to live healthy, Desjardins is partnering with the Heart and Stroke Foundation (HSF) and the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS). Over the next three years Desjardins will donate over $1 million to the following programs:  
  • The Heart and Stroke Foundation - The Breakthrough Fund: For the first time in history, HSF researchers are using regenerative medicine to test treatments that could reverse heart damage. The Breakthrough Fund was created to build a network of funders, and to increase national awareness of this ground-breaking research and its potential impact on the health of Canadians.   
  • Canadian Cancer Society -  It's My Life!: Research shows that about half of all cancers can be prevented. CCS is working to make that a reality for Canadians with It's My Life!, an interactive, evidence-based tool that teaches people about risk factors they can modify to reduce their cancer risk by making simple changes.   
Prevention and awareness are crucial to living healthy lifestyles. And our survey data shows that we can still make healthy improvements to our lifestyle. See the full survey results below and visit the websites listed above to learn more about heart disease and cancer.

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