Simply put, a co-operative, or co-op, is a business that is made by its members, for the well-being of members and supports socio-economic development in the community. Because of this connection to the community, co-ops strive to make a positive impact in the communities they serve.

Four quick facts on co-ops...

  1. They focus on people: Structured to support its members and the community, co-op employees work to make a positive impact in the communities where they work, play and live. Making life better for all those around them.

  2. An eye on the future: Co-ops keep an eye on the future, always searching for ways to make things better for their members. In a time where innovation has become largely driven by technology, co-ops continue to leverage these to stay true to their core mission - making people's lives better.

  3. Shared prosperity: Imagine a company that shares profits with its members. In a sense, profits are "returned" to the members of a co-op. Sometimes dividends are even paid back through supporting local, community projects. 

  4. You have a voice: As a member of a cooperative, you have a say at the annual general meeting, you can even elect officers or even file for your own candidacy!

Check out some of the other cooperatives in Canada, you might be surprised to find some brands you love!

Values in Action

Shared prosperity, solidarity and supporting our community is important not only to Desjardins but our employees. Each year, Desjardins calls on employees to give back to the community and volunteer for a local charity. Of course, this happens throughout the year, but during "Co-op Week" a collective effort is made to positively impact the community around us. In 2017, over 7,000 Desjardins officers, employees and retirees worked to support young people. The same call-to-action was made in 2018. Here's a few photos from some of our employee-driven activities.

Learn more about how Desjardins is supporting Co-op Week here.

Zac Stevenson