Let's face it, the way we go about our day-to-day is different from 20... 10... and even 5 years ago. Emerging trends and technological advancements are a constant and the needs of the customer is always changing. For example, anyone who has renewed a mortgage knows how painful it could be. It's why Desjardins now offers people the option to renew over their mobile phone in just four-to-five clicks.

Embracing the digital world is important. "The digital shift and technological innovations could be seen as a threat to some, but for us, we see it as an advantage to benefit our members and clients and better serve them" says Chadi Habib, Executive Vice President of Information Technology at Desjardins.

"Our approach is to find synergies between the digital world, human interaction and operational functions. We want to find a balance that works to the advantage of our customers".

Collaborating with customers

Chadi explains that collaboration comes naturally for co-operatives like Desjardins. "Our members are at the centre of every major decision we make; their input and feedback are critical to our business. We continuously ask our members across all age demographics and at different life-stages for their input. Doing this allows us to co-create ways to improve. For instance, we revisited the digital mortgage renewal process over 30 times before it launched to make sure that the outcome was based on the direct feedback we received from our members".

Innovations in Insurance

Car crashes and damage to your property can be a traumatic experience. For clients of Desjardins Insurance, they have access to technology that can help mitigate potential claims.

"The Desjardins Insurance app is very practical and has a lot of functions that can help our clients" says Jocelyn Laflamme, Vice President of Digital Transformation and Operational Excellence at Desjardins General Insurance Group. "Whether its using telematics to give you feedback on how you drive or providing our clients with a free water, freeze and humidity detector, we're trying to innovate in a way that really helps our clients". In fact, Desjardins was recently recognized as one of the most advanced digital insurers in North America, Europe and Asia.

Within the Desjardins Insurance app, you'll naturally be able to manage your policy and file claims online. But you'll also find some innovative solutions like Ajusto, Alert, and Radar that can help you stay safe and mitigate damage to your home. Ajusto uses telematics and your mobile phone to monitor your driving behavior and it rewards safe driving habits. By looking at your speed, acceleration, braking cornering and more, it gives you an overall score. The safer you drive, the better the score and drivers are rewarded with a discount. And for those who have homeowners insurance, you can sign up for the Alert program where you get a free water, freeze and humidity detector that's connected to your smartphone. It allows you to act fast and limit potential damage to your home. Additionally, Desjardins Insurance is the first insurer to offer severe weather alerts through Radar, a notification system that alerts you of severe weather.

Jocelyn continues, "we try to find innovative solutions that give our clients a helping hand. Pair that with the one-on-one service you get from over 470 Desjardins agents in Ontario, Alberta and New Brunswick, we're giving our clients a unique and personalized experience to better serve them and keep them as our top priority".

To learn more about the Desjardins Insurance app where you can participate in Ajusto, Alert or Radar, click below:

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