On January 1, Desjardins stopped purchasing certain single-use plastic products (water bottles, cups, stir sticks and straws) organization-wide.

"In only three months, we've avoided the purchase of 30,000 plastic water bottles. On an annual basis, this represents a reduction of more than 100,000 bottles! This change ties in perfectly with our commitment to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and take concrete action to fight climate change," said Pauline D'Amboise, Secretary General and Vice-President, Governance and Sustainable Development.

Fighting climate change together

Desjardins proudly joins other organizations and large international companies (like IKEA, Starbucks, Marriott and Disney Parks) that have already committed to reducing or banning the use of certain plastic products. As the first Canadian financial institution to make this public commitment, Desjardins encourages the financial services industry to follow suit.

In December 2017, Desjardins announced its position in the fight against climate change, in connection with the United Nations sustainable development goals and the Paris Agreement. A year later, Desjardins gave an update on their progress by sharing their 2018 results.

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