2018 Social and Cooperative Responsibility Report

At Desjardins, social responsibility goes hand in hand with our mission and cooperative values. As such, our 15th social and cooperative responsibility report (SCRR) illustrates how we've gradually integrated environmental, social and governance criteria into our activities in an effort to help build a sustainable and responsible economy.

"This social and cooperative responsibility report makes me particularly proud of our achievements and our commitment to always do what's best for our members and clients," said Desjardins Group President and CEO Guy Cormier. "This represents a profound change that we will continue to effect in all spheres of activity."

At Desjardins, we create quality jobs, support transformational community projects, help businesses grow and set up key initiatives to actively contribute to the transition to clean energy. These are just some of the ways our cooperative financial group enriches the lives of people and communities and create a shared prosperity.

389mfonds de 100 millions desjardinseducation financière

Contributing to energy transition to fight climate change

We support the United Nations and Paris Agreement sustainable development goals. The SCRR outlines the concrete actions implemented to reduce the carbon footprint of our activities and fight climate change.

389mfonds de 100 millions desjardinseducation financièreeducation financière
The SCRR also presents the innovative features of products and services that simplify the lives and day-to-day of our members and clients and the projects that showcase our commitment to youth and entrepreneurship.


To see the highlights and the full report, click here.

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