Desjardins ranks ahead of its competitors in the 2019 Ipsos-Infopresse Index unveiled during RDV Marketing on Thursday, March 21, 2019.

The Ipsos-Infopresse study, first published in 2014, helps to assess the way brands influence Quebecers and to understand the source of this influence. This year, Desjardins ranked 12th among major brands such as Microsoft, Tim Hortons, Samsung and Radio-Canada. It's the highest ranked financial institution.

"Desjardins stands out once again by ranking 3rd among the Quebec businesses on the list and 12th among all of the brands. In the 17 countries that took part in the study, few local brands succeeded in ranking among those at the very top due to the immense weight of the major U.S. brands that take up a lot of space in our everyday lives, especially in the areas of high tech and communications. Therefore, the influence of a local brand like Desjardins is even more remarkable," explained Sebastien Dallaire, Senior Vice-President for Canada and General Manager for Quebec at Ipsos.

Given that each brand has a unique way of influencing, it's better to see influence founded on a few pillars that align well with the business's mission and values. Desjardins's influence is based on 3 main pillars: trustworthiness, social responsibility and commitment.

"For a financial institution, this is a surefire recipe. It's also a recipe that really represents the very essence of the Desjardins brand for Quebecers based on its strong relationship with its members and solid community commitment from one end of the province to the other," said Mr. Dallaire

Highlights of Desjardins's results:

Desjardins is perceived as being a socially responsible organization

Respondents are influenced by Desjardins because the financial institution is actively concerned about their communities and makes them feel that they are truly supported. Furthermore, Desjardins is a company that cares about the environment, according to respondents, and instills pride.

Desjardins is trustworthy

The people surveyed trust Desjardins and would be prepared to recommend it highly. Desjardins is also perceived as a company with a strong future that understands the needs of its members and clients.

Desjardins has an engaging presence

Desjardins's social media and web presence is influencing respondents. Specifically, respondents are prepared to look at or click on the brand's ads and are even prepared to share them with their friends. Online interaction with Desjardins is valued and appreciated.

Desjardins is successfully reaching young people

Moving up sharply compared with the Ipsos-Infopresse 2018 index, Desjardins ranked 7th among the most influential brands for millennials this year (22nd in 2018). And let's not forget that, in October 2018, Desjardins was named the coolest company in the banking sector in Leger's 2018 Youth Study.

Methodology: The Ipsos-Infopresse study allowed for an influence index of brands to be created and monitored over time. Not only did it measure their influence among Quebecers, but it also included the sources. A sample of 2,000 Quebecers age 18 and up took part in this study through an online survey conducted in February 2019. There were 11 variables to define brand influence. The other variables studied following statistical analyses helped to establish 5 pillars as being influence determinants: commitment, trust, presence, innovation and social responsibility.

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