For the last 3 years, Desjardins's Start-up in Residence program has been working collaboratively with young businesses likely to have a positive impact on society and on Desjardins's digital shift. 

The program is a dynamic ecosystem firmly focused on the future, providing personalized support, practical workshops and networking opportunities with renowned experts. And it's all available from Desjardins's offices in Montreal's Notman House or from the offices of our partner, Le Camp, in Quebec City.

Startup en résidence Desjardins
2019 program review

We've updated the program for 2019: 

No more cohorts

We're now continuously accepting start-ups for our 16-week program.

Focus on financial technology

We're actively looking for young specialists:
  • Financial technology: financing, online payments, savings management, loans, bank account aggregation
  • Regulatory technology: compliance, identity management and control, risk management, regulatory reports, transaction monitoring
  • IT security: cybersecurity, software security, operational security, information security, network security
  • Data and AI: predictive analytics, fraud detection, debt collection, chatbots, etc.
  • Insurance technology: personal and commercial online insurance solutions
More focused, better results

We're splitting the program into two separate residences:

  • Alpha residence is dedicated to start-ups that have a working prototype ready to launch, that have begun an analysis of their capital requirements and that are planning a financing round. We're looking for entrepreneurs who are working full-time to launch businesses with strong growth potential.
  • Beta residence is dedicated to start-ups that have completed market testing for the first version of a product and have completed an initial financing round. The companies recruited to the Beta residence are a little further along and ready to invest in a feasibility study with a Desjardins sector.
Still not convinced? Listen to what 2018 program participants had to say. (In french only)

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