Sara is the Executive Vice President of Finance and Operations at the Canadian Cancer Society and has two children and three step children

Sara was motivated to get into a leadership role within the charitable sector to have a positive impact on society. "I've always been inspired by this section of society who try change the world in lots of different ways," she says.

In 2013 she was diagnosed with breast cancer. "I was really lucky about the treatment I received and the support services I had access to," she says. "Once I finished treatment and came out the other side, I wanted to be directly involved in making sure that treatments continued to develop and evolve and that programs were available to as many women and their families as needed them." This led Sara to take on a leadership position with the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, which merged with the Canadian Cancer Society in 2017.

She has found that many skills needed to be a leader in business also apply to being a mom and vice versa. "It is important to keep learning, to build networks of people around you, and to be a good listener. There are so many parallels." she says.

Sara is also an active member of her community participating in charitable work and sitting on boards and committees. She currently sits on a board of a charity working towards changing Ontario's healthcare system and the caregiver experience. "When you're lucky enough to be able to give, I think all of us have a duty to find a role where we can improve our society," she says.

Desjardins has partnered with the Canadian Cancer Society to promote healthy lifestyles with a focus on cancer prevention.

Mother's Day Wishlist
  • A cup of tea in bed
  • Getting outside to spend time with her kids
Sara's Inspirational Women:
  • Her mom- "She is a powerhouse woman who raised two kids on her own while working full-time and who has had her own cancer journey. She taught us how to persevere and has been a real role model."
  • Her daughter - "She's 18 years old and has this passion and strength and loyalty to the important people in her life that is constantly inspiring".
Key quotes:

"Having flexibility in a working environment can be one of your biggest assets to any working mom. If you don't have it for yourself already, ask for it."

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