Valerie is the Director of Solutions at Parachute Canada and mother of one

Valerie is a passionate advocate for health, safety and living life to the fullest. With a master's degree in International Development and comprehensive experience working in developing countries, she has dedicated her career to promoting health, human rights and supporting young women.

Seven years ago, she made the shift away from international work and travel to put down roots in Toronto to raise her soon-to-be born daughter in Canada. Finding a lot of similarities between the work she had done in international development and the vision at Parachute, Canada's national charity dedicated to injury prevention by promoting research and evidence-based resources, she took on the role of Director of Solutions. "One of the appealing characteristics of working in this field was the idea of talking about health promotion and safety in a new and innovative way," she says.

She says that being both a business leader and a mother complement each other. "Working in the field I'm in has been great for my role as a mother because I'm constantly learning about keeping my daughter safe and about different safety issues that come up," she says.

In addition to her role as a business leader and mother, she is a part-time real estate agent, a volunteer equestrian coach and also participates in show jumping herself. Additionally, she works to support young women and girls in her community as a Sparks and Brownies volunteer leader.

Desjardins has partnered with Parachute's national work to promote injury prevention and road safety.

Mother's Day Wishlist
  • Travel more with her daughter and one day do a mother-daughter trip to Italy.
Valerie's Inspirational Women:
  • Valerie's mom - She worked very hard to take good care of her family in good times and in bad. Before her retirement at the age of 80, she was a strong business leader and real estate agent.
Key quotes:

"I tend to fill up my "waking hours" schedule to the very fullest taking advantage of every minute in the day, but I do it with a real focus on balancing work, play, friends and family."

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