Montreal, August 19, 2019 -- Today, Desjardins and Hydro-Québec are proud to announce that Quebec's first urban superstation for charging electric vehicles is now open at the Complexe Desjardins. This superstation includes four 50-kilowatt charging stations, helping serve a large user base in the heart of downtown Montreal, at the Quartier des spectacles.  

The project is part of Desjardins's plan to install 200 charging stations at caisses throughout Quebec and eastern Ontario by 2021, in partnership with Hydro-Québec and the Electric Circuit. These stations will boost the Electric Circuit's existing network and help encourage Quebecers to more quickly adopt electric modes of transportation.

Given the ever-growing consequences of the climate crisis, Quebec's socio-economic leaders must work together to find solutions that will quicken our shift toward a low-carbon economy. 

 "We're very proud of this project, of our partnership with Hydro-Québec, and of everyone's commitment at Desjardins Group, particularly the caisses in our network that are providing the infrastructure for these charging stations to be built," said Pauline D'Amboise, Secretary General and Vice-President Governance and Sustainable Development Division. 

"This project is just one of the many important decisions we've made in recent years to accelerate the energy transition. We've also made our operations carbon-neutral, invested in renewable energy projects, lowered the carbon footprint of our investment portfolios, and given our members and clients the opportunity to do the same. What's more, we've begun incorporating environmental, social and governance criteria into our investment and financing decisions. We'll continue to work with Hydro-Québec to develop innovative and energy-efficient transportation solutions," she added.

"More and more drivers are choosing electric vehicles, leaving fossil fuels behind and turning to the energy we provide," said France Lampron, Director of Transportation Electrification at Hydro-Québec and President of Electric Circuit. "This project is just one of the ways we're doing everything we can to ensure a healthier future that includes cleaner air, better public health and a higher trade balance," she added.

About Desjardins Group

Desjardins Group is the leading cooperative financial group in Canada and the fifth largest cooperative financial group in the world, with assets of $310.9 billion. It has been rated one of Canada's Top 100 Employers by Mediacorp. To meet the diverse needs of its members and clients, Desjardins offers a full range of products and services to individuals and businesses through its extensive distribution network, online platforms and subsidiaries across Canada. Ranked among the world's strongest banks according to The Banker magazine, Desjardins has some of the highest capital ratios and credit ratings in the industry.

About The Electric Circuit

The Electric Circuit is the largest charging network in Québec. It has close to 2 000 public charging stations, with 200 quick ones, deployed in 16 regions in Québec. Since its inauguration, some 340 private and institutional partners have joined The Electric Circuit, and the network now has over 55 000 members.

Electric Circuit's users benefit from a 24-hour helpline, run and managed by CAA-Québec, as well as a station tracking service. The lecircuitelectrique.comImage website and Electric Circuit mobile application for iOSImage and Android Imageare progressively updated as new stations are deployed. The Electric Circuit membership card also allows users to access charging stations on the FLO and New Brunswick E-charge networks.

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