Montreal, March 27, 2020 - Although more than 320 Desjardins service centres remain accessible to the public, Desjardins is joining the government in asking members and clients to limit their movements. Caisses usually see high traffic at the start of each month, which increases the risk of community transmission. That's why Desjardins would like to remind members and clients that, of the nearly 300 types of transactions it offers, they can carry out more than 290 of them without physically visiting a caisse. Whether they use one of the 1,689 available ATMs, Desjardins's AccèsD telephone service or, preferably, AccèsD Internet or mobile, members and clients are urged to do their banking remotely. Desjardins would also like to invite members and clients to sign up to receive their government benefits by direct deposit instead of cheque if they haven't already done so.

"As a leader in socio-economic development, Desjardins has to be there to support Quebec's and Canada's economy," said Desjardins President and CEO Guy Cormier. "Since March 16, we've announced several measures that would give our members and clients some financial flexibility should they find themselves in a tough spot because of COVID-19."

Desjardins will refund members charged for going over their plan's monthly transaction limit

As an organization that always does what's best for the people it serves, Desjardins has listened to what its members have asked for and will temporarily refund accountholders charged for exceeding their plan's monthly transaction limit, starting in April. Members don't have to do anything--the charges will be refunded automatically.

Desjardins is extending the $250 tap-and-go limit on its credit cards to all retailers with Desjardins payment terminals

Desjardins recently announced that it increased the tap-and-go limit on its credit cards to $250 for purchases at essential businesses--pharmacies, grocery stores and convenience stores--that use Desjardins payment terminals. As of Saturday, March 28, it will temporarily extend the same limit increase to all retailers using Desjardins terminals.

Desjardins is there for members and clients who are still abroad

Desjardins has joined the government in encouraging all Canadians travelling for non-essential reasons to come home as soon as possible. To the thousands of members and clients who are still abroad and looking for a way to get back: You are not alone. Those with travel insurance will get travel assistance, meaning that Desjardins will help them book tickets for return flights, find new accommodation if theirs is closing down, organize translation services and coordinate next steps with the government. They can also count on Desjardins's support if they need emergency healthcare.

Desjardins also wants to reduce the financial stress of its members and clients who aren't able to come home by their scheduled return date. It is offering financial aid to cover temporary living expenses for stranded travellers and will extend their emergency healthcare coverage at no extra cost.

Relief measures for auto insurance policyholders

Auto insurance policyholders returning early from the US in a rental car will automatically get liability coverage for their vehicle at no extra charge. That means they won't need to buy insurance from the rental company. If they need to leave their vehicle in the US long-term, it will continue to be covered at no extra charge. These 2 types of coverage are applied automatically--members and clients don't need to contact Desjardins Insurance.

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