At Desjardins Group, we seek to affirm our commitment to the fundamental values of diversity and inclusion. We amplified these messages on Facebook in response to the killing of George Floyd and to the Black Lives Matter movement, which calls for an end to systemic racism.

Because Black lives matter. Black dreams matter. Black hopes matter. Black perspectives matter. Black businesses matter. Black futures matter. And as an employer and financial services cooperative, we want to be there right alongside Black communities, so they can achieve all that they desire, in a society where they are valued and treated with respect and dignity.

New support for diversity and inclusion allies

On June 5, we turned to our Facebook community to ask what organizations people think Desjardins should support right now. As a cooperative, it is important to us to encourage organizations that promote integrity, respect and equality.

Thanks to this dialogue, Desjardins Group is proud to be donating $60,000 split evenly between the following 3 organizations that provide direct support to Black and racialized communities:

  • Afrique au FĂ©minin: This is the only women's centre in Parc-Extension, located in the heart of Montreal. The neighbourhood has a high population of racialized people, nearly half of which are women who face numerous barriers to integration.
  • Pour 3 Points: This is a non-profit organization that trains individuals to become both sports coaches and life coaches. P3P coaches become role models and mentors for underprivileged youth in their communities, helping them develop skills to succeed in school and in life.
  • CEE Centre for Young Black Professionals: This charity focuses on Black youth ages 14 and over and is committed to youth workforce development, education and advocacy to influence systems.

At Desjardins Group, we believe diversity and inclusion is everyone's job.

Desjardins Group