During a time when we are all feeling the impact of COVID-19, businesses around the world are trying to cope with an unprecedented new reality. That reality for many Canadian businesses is a difficult one. It was one of the reasons why Desjardins teamed up with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce to support the Canadian Business Resilience Network (CBRN), an organization that provides tools and resources to help Canadian businesses prepare, persevere and prosper.

Desjardins offers counsel to Canadian businesses

Experts at Desjardins have recently hosted 3 webinars for the CBRN addressing various topics. From addressing Canada's economic outlook to supporting employee well-being, Desjardins has offered its collective expertise to help business owners and entrepreneurs during the pandemic. All 3 webinars are available offline and free to view.

Desjardins is committed to supporting Canadian businesses. In addition to various relief measures for members and clients, Desjardins is working hard to support the socio-economic relaunch across Canada.

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