Interligne premiers 3 short films by youth combatting bullying related to sexual orientation and gender diversity

Montreal, September 18, 2020 - Today at 11:00 a.m. Interligne will unveil its all-new awareness campaign targeting sexual orientation- and gender diversity-related bullying. This campaign is made up of 3 videos and was produced as part of the second edition of the Take ACTION Against Bullying competition presented by Desjardins. The short films, first released in an online sneak peek on September 17, will be shared on both organizations' social media pages.

The awareness campaign launch, originally planned for May, had to be postponed to September because of the COVID-19 pandemic. "Despite the pandemic, it was important for Interligne to celebrate the excellent work the teens have done on this project," said Pascal Vaillancourt, General Manager of Interligne. "Thanks to their creativity and commitment, Interligne will be able to use these videos in its many different activities to combat bullying."

The 40-some teens who had a hand in creating these short films were able to attend the sneak preview of their work on Thursday, September 17, during a VIP event held on Zoom. This evening was marked by enriching conversations on a number of topics related to bullying.

Kicking off the third edition

Interligne youth services is making the most of this event, which comes as students are returning to the classroom, to launch the latest edition of the Take ACTION Against Bullying campaign. Desjardins is presenting the event for the third consecutive year. "For Desjardins, this is a continuation of our many activities supporting youth and promoting academic motivation," said Simon Déry, Desjardins LGBT+ Committee Chair and General Manager of Caisse Desjardins du Quartier-Latin in Montreal. "We're determined to make a difference in our communities."

The concept is the same as in previous years: interested teens in teams of 3 to 8 can send their ideas for screenplays about sexual orientation- and gender diversity-related bullying. The winning teams will have the opportunity to participate in a professional production of their scripts in the form of short films, which will then be presented in a bullying awareness campaign. Youth from all across Quebec can participate and the competition can be integrated into a learning activity for a theatre or even a French or English course.

Amplifying young voices

Interligne's intuition has remained the same since the very first edition of the contest: the people best suited to talk to teens about a subject as important as bullying are, quite simply, teens themselves. The videos that will be presented this year confirm, once again, that the feeling was spot on. Dans les casiers de l'école près de chez vous, written by Émilie Milliard, Arianne Rocheleau and Rosalie Côté from École Marc-Laflamme, critiques the harm done by ordinary homophobia in school hallways. Meanwhile, Constat d'infraction... refusé!, written by Marie-Jeanne Vincelette and Zanolie Jacques of École secondaire La Poudrière, takes on social norms. Finally, in The Power of Friendship, Zoey Sommerhalder, LiIlian Dumbrille, Charlie D'Isep and Caroline Weber of Lower Canada College call for education to end the bullying of non-binary people.

About Interligne

Interligne provides grassroots support and information on sexual orientation and gender diversity. Through our services available around the clock, we offer support to LGBTQ+ people, their friends and family, and workers in the community, schools, the healthcare system and social services. We also promote greater openness to LGBTQ+ realities through our outreach and awareness activities geared toward the general public.

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Guillaume Tremblay-Gallant, Interligne