In a recent survey on philanthropy conducted by consulting firm Épisode, Quebecers ranked Desjardins as the province's most generous company.

According to Épisode's survey results, large private companies account for 25% of all charitable contributions in Quebec, with survey respondents naming Desjardins Group as the most generous among them.

"We've made an important shift over the past several years. We're focusing on things that make a difference in the lives of our members and clients. We've chosen, in particular, to focus on youth: we've dedicated half of our sponsorship and donation budget to youth-related causes. This survey shows that Quebecers understand and appreciate how our decisions affect them and their communities," says Nathalie Larue, Executive Vice-President, Strategy, Marketing and Personal Services.

With more than $87million in donations and sponsorships, $317 million in individual member dividends and $41 million in Desjardins Member Advantages, Desjardins gave back roughly $445 million to members and the community in 2019. Desjardins has also established special funds, like the GoodSpark Fund, to support things like regional development and socio-economic recovery.

Read the full report: Étude sur les tendances en philantropie au Québec(in French only).

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