Brings extensive experience from BDC, PwC, GTI Capital, Hydro-Québec CapiTech and Cesky Mobile

Montreal, November 17, 2020 - Marie-Claude Boisvert, Executive Vice-President of Business Services at Desjardins, is proud to announce that Marie-Hélène Nolet has been appointed Chief Operating Officer of Desjardins Capital, fund manager for Capital régional et coopératif Desjardins. Ms. Nolet will begin her new role January 5, 2021, taking over from Yves Calloc'h, who has been serving on an interim basis.

Marie-Hélène Nolet has a bachelor's degree in Commerce with a concentration in Finance and Entrepreneurship from McGill University and a CFA designation. Her impressive career in Canada and abroad includes major accomplishments in business governance, venture capital investment, and mergers and acquisitions. Over the past 15 years, she's made her mark at BDC, where she's been the Vice President, Strategy and Program Support, Advisory Services since 2019. As an active member of her community, Ms. Nolet played an important role in establishing The Montreal Group, a global forum for development banks focused on micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.

"I want to first thank Yves Calloc'h, who held the position in the interim with professionalism and rigour," says Marie-Claude Boisvert, Executive Vice-President of Business Services at Desjardins. "Marie-Hélène Nolet is an engaged leader who knows how to rally her teams around common goals and get the best out of her employees. Bringing her on board at Desjardins Capital is an opportunity for this strategic component of Desjardins Group to reach new heights. As companies try to relaunch during the pandemic, Desjardins Capital is more relevant than ever for promoting, supporting and nurturing Quebec SMEs."

"I'm extremely proud to be joining Desjardins Capital and I completely support its mission," says Marie-Hélène Nolet. "I believe in helping Quebec SMEs and cooperatives grow and, as a result, promoting healthy and vibrant communities. It will be a privilege to work with the team and our partners to support our businesses over the long term."

Photo courtesy of ©Bénédicte Brocard

About Desjardins Capital

For nearly 45 years, Desjardins Capital has fulfilled its mission to promote, support and nurture Quebec SMEs. With $2.6 billion in assets under management, Desjardins Capital helps contribute to the longevity of approximately 535 companies, cooperatives and funds in various sectors across Quebec. In addition to helping create and maintain more than 80,000 jobs, this subsidiary of Desjardins Group provides entrepreneurs with access to a large business network that supports business growth. For more information, visit the Desjardins Capital website or LinkedIn page.

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